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Final Report
The Parliament of Timor-Leste is in the process of extending the mandate of the CAVR for six months. This means that the final report of the CAVR will be delivered to the President of Timor-Leste before 7 July 2005.

The final report will be a significant national document, produced in Portuguese, English and Indonesian languages. A short version will also be produced in these languages as well as Tetum, the second official languge of Timor-Leste.

The CAVR will produce a range of popular versions of this report, including in film, radio and book form together with other related educational materials.

We will post information about the final report and these products on this website soon, including details of how you can order a copy of the report.

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Welcome to the website of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor.

Our objective is to provide information about the Commission and its work to interested observers and stakeholders, including the East Timorese community in and outside East Timor, governments, donors, media, academics, and the human rights community internationally.

Wherever possible, we have included translations in Indonesian, Portuguese, and Tetum.


Juliana addresses CAVR work shop on Children with CAVR Commissioner Olandina Caeiro (Photo © Steve M./CAVR)

Family Reunion - Juliana's Story


photo of the renovated Comarca building - the CAVR office

The newly rehabilitated former colonial prison which now houses the Commission's National Office in Dili. The rehabilitation was made possible by a generous grant from the Government of Japan. More details.

Please note new contact details:

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Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR), PO Box 144, Dili, East Timor.

Street Address

Comarca Balide, Dalan Balide, Dili.
(Between UNHCR office and UMISET transport office.)

Telephone: +670-390-311263
Mobile Phone
: +670-7234705


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Chega! is Portuguese for ‘no more, stop, enough’. It was chosen as the title of the CAVR Report because it captures the main message given by victims to the CAVR. This was that the human rights violations they experienced must never be allowed to recur and that the best way to avoid repetition is not to allow impunity for offences and to undertake reforms and practical steps like those recommended in the Report. Chega! is over 2500 pages long. Its contents cover the CAVR’s creation, activities, victim support, community reconciliation work, truth-seeking about human rights violations between 25 April 1974 and 25 October 1999, findings and recommendations. It addresses the following human rights violations: self- determination, killings and disappearances, forced displacement and famine, detention and torture, violations of the laws of war, political trials, sexual violence, violations of the rights of the child, and violations of economic and social rights. Chega! also contains many statistics and graphs, a short history, and a long appendix on the violence of 1999. The chapter on responsibility and accountability contains the CAVR’s findings on violations committed by Indonesia, Fretilin, UDT and others. The CAVR was required to write the Report impartially and objectively. The Report is principally directed to those most deeply involved in building the new Timor-Leste: the people of Timor-Leste, the President of the Republic, the Government and its agencies, the Parliament, the international community and donors. We hope readers will not be deterred by the length of the report. Many sections stand alone and can be read independently "The extensive CAVR Report is an encyclopedia of our history, rich in both teachings and suffering. We must utilise its great teachings to better understand today's crisis and to help prevent future crises". Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Laureate, Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, 10 July 2006 "This is a monumental report, massive in its detail and scope, that documents in harrowing detail a quarter-century of war, massacre, torture, forced relocations, starvation and systematic rape". Tom Hyland, International Editor, The Sunday Age, Melbourne. It's an excellent report. You and your colleagues should be commended for your extraordinary work". Jane Stromseth, Professor of Law, Director of the Human Rights Institute, Georgetown International Law Centre, Washington DC. "Easily the most important document on crimes against humanity to have emerged since the Timor crisis began to unfold in 1975." James Dunn, author of 'East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence'. "Chega! sangat berharga khususnya bagi mereka yang percaya pada pentingnya pengungkapan kebenaran dan dapat menjadi pembelajaran agar kejahatan kemanusiaan tak terulang kembali". Asmara Nababan, Mantan Ketua KomnasHAM "The cumulative force of the summary statements of the human reality of the violence experienced by the people of East Timor through the period 1975 to 1999 was enough to bring me to a deep sense of grief as I struggled through the volume." Doug Hynd