Press Release - 27 November 2001



The Selection Panel of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation has today announced a shortlist of 15 candidates.  These candidates are being considered to hold the seven National Commissioner positions.   The list is based on 95 nominations received from the public. 

The shortlisted candidates are:

Rev. Agustinho da Vasconselhos

Jose Ramos Horta

Aleixo Ximenes

Padre Jovito Araujo

Alexandre Corte Real

Manuela Leong Pereira

Aniceto Guterres Lopes 

Miguel Ati Bau

Antero Benedito da Silva Olandina Caeiro
Cipriana Goncalves Pat Walsh
Florentino Sarmento Ricardo Ribeiro
Jacinto Alves

The public are invited to give their comments on the list, or ask questions of the Selection Panel, by 4 December 2001. 

The Panel would like to thank the public for their interest and participation in the selection process, and to urge people to continue giving their input.  Those who hold the seven National Commissioner positions will be at the forefront of addressing issues of reconciliation and justice in East Timor.  Their work in leading the work of the Commission will be highly challenging.  

The seven National Commissioners should be persons of high moral character, integrity, impartiality and wisdom they should be fully committed to human rights principles.  Equally important, they should represent the diversity of views and experiences in East Timor between different regions, between men and women, and between different opinions on the political conflicts that have taken place in East Timor. 

The 3 main tasks of the Commission will be firstly, to inquire into and establish the truth about human rights violations in East Timor between April 1974 October 1999; secondly, to support reintegration of people who have committed minor criminal offences or harmful acts, through a community-based reconciliation process; and thirdly, to submit a report to the Government outlining recommendations as to how to prevent future recurrences of human rights violations.

Anyone who wishes to offer comments on the list, or ask questions of the Selection Panel, should either:

        Contact the Interim Office of the Commission in the former CNRT/UNAMET compound, Balide, Dili.  Tel:  0407 395 957,   OR

        Contact the UNTAET District Human Rights Officer in their home district.


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