MEDIA RELEASE, 25 April 2002


Dili, East Timor

The Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor has finished its selection processes in a number of districts across the country for representatives to carry out its community-reconciliation and fact-finding work.

After conducting interviews and a community consultation process for candidates from the Manatuto, Baucau, Los Palos, Viqueque, Dili and Liquica areas, the Commission has selected its representatives – or Regional Commissioners – for its proposed Baucau and Dili regional offices.

The Commission finished its Regional Commissioner interview process in Oecussi last week and in the next few days will conduct interviews for candidates for the remaining three regional offices of Suai, Maliana, and Aileu.

The Commission plans to conclude its Regional Commissioner selection process in the next few days.

The Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor’s functions include: supporting the reintegration of less-serious offenders into their communities through community-based reconciliation mechanisms; documenting the nature of and reasons for human rights violations in East Timor between 1974 and 1999; and recommending ways to prevent future human rights violations and address the needs of the victims of violations.

The newly-selected Regional Commissioners will receive training and have work premises and support staff secured for them in the near future.

Baucau Regional Office:

o       from Manatuto: Ildefonso Pereira; Geraldo Gomes

o       from Baucau:    Aleixo Ximenes; Carolina M. E. do Rosario

o       from Viqueque: Helena H. X. Gomes; Daniel Sarmento

o       from Los Palos: Albino da Silva; Justino Valentim


Dili Regional Office:

o       from Dili:            Ricardo Ribeiro; Pedro de Correia Lebre; Joanico dos Santos; Teresinha Maria Cardoso

o       from Liquica:    Jaemito C. da Costa; Ana Maria de Jesus


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