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The Commission was originally proposed in a CNRT workshop in June 2000 and subsequently endorsed by the CNRT Congress in August 2000.  Detailed planning for its operation was carried out by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of CNRT, six East Timorese NGOs, UNHCR, and the UNTAET Human Rights Unit, assisted by two international experts in reconciliation.  In addition to receiving the endorsement of the National Council and the Cabinet, the Steering Committee conducted consultations in every district on the proposed Commission.



June 2000 - CNRT Congress proposes a reconciliation commission.

Aug 2000 - Steering Committee formed with representatives from CNRT, Fokupers, Yayasan Hak, the Catholic Church's Peace and Justice Commission, UNHCR, ET Wave, the Association of Ex-Political Prisoners Association, Presidium Juventude, Human Rights Unit, and UNTAET.

Sept 2000-Feb 2001 - Community consultations held in all 13 districts

April 2001 - Cabinet approves text of regulation in principle

20 June 2001 - National Council approves text of regulation

13 July 2001 - Transitional Administrator promulgates Regulation 2001/10

July 2001 - USAID/OTI agrees to provide US$76,000 for Interim Office

Aug 2001 - Interim Office established and tasked with logistical and preparatory activities for appointment of Commissioners

23-25 Aug 2001 - Steering Committee meets with pro-autonomy supporters in Bali and Kupang, West Timor

14-16 Sept 2001 - Steering Committee meets with pro-autonomy supporters in Bali, supported by Sweden through Uppsala University  

20 Sept 2001 - First meeting of Selection Panel

Oct 2001 - Selection Panel visits all 13 districts and West Timor to consult the community on nominations for national and regional commissioners

Nov 2001 - Nearly 300 nominations received; national commissioner nominees shortlisted and names publicized in the community for comment.  Interviews conducted for national commissioners.

17 Jan 2002 - SRSG announces names of National Commissioners 

21 Jan 2002 - National Commissioners are sworn in

4 Feb 2002 - First meeting of National Commissioners; Aniceto Guterres Lopes chosen as Chair; Father Jovito Araujo as Deputy Chair


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