Donor Contributions to  31st  January, 2005
A. Funds Received
Donor Amount (USD)    Status Notes
Australia-1 160,711.42   Acquitted Not earmarked
Australia-2 118,380.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
Britain-1 31,379.74   Acquitted Earmarked
Britain-2 186,267.45   Acquitted Earmarked
Britain-3 61,700.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Britain-4 237,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Britain-5 395,000.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
Canada 190,075.55   Acquitted Not earmarked
EC (via UNHCR) 316,982.22   Acquitted Earmarked
Finland 19,995.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Germany-1 201,308.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Germany-2 17,648.28   Acquitted Earmarked
Germany - GTZ 21,990.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Hivos 34,249.33   Banked Earmarked
Ireland-1 1,200.00   Acquitted Bldg assessment
Ireland-2 147,066.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
Ireland-3 163,562.85   Acquitted Not earmarked
Ireland-4 150,500.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
Japan-1 530,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Japan-2 469,361.64   Banked Earmarked
New Zealand-1 292,091.08   Acquitted Not earmarked
New Zealand-2 134,300.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
New Zealand-3  308,291.12   Banked Not earmarked
Norway 252,838.10   Acquitted Not earmarked
UNDP-TA 80,900.00   Banked/ partially acquitted Earmarked for TA
UNDP-Denmark 82,526.00   Acquitted Not earmarked
UNDP-EC 106,650.00   Acquitted Earmarked
UNDP-SIDA 249,533.00   Partially Banked Unearmarked
UNDP-Sweden 291,545.00   Partially acquitted Earmarked & Not earmarked
USAID 1 * 2,700.00   Reimburse expenses/Acquitted Earmarked
USAID 2 * 16,110.04   Reimburse expenses/Acquitted Earmarked
USAID 5* 12,995.00   Reimburse expenses/Acquitted Earmarked
USAID 6* 69,459.00   Reimburse expenses/Acquitted Earmarked
USIP-1 20,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
USIP-2 20,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
USIP-3 20,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
USIP-4 20,000.00   Acquitted Earmarked
World Bank-CEP 166,400.00   Acquitted Earmarked
Total 5,600,715.82      
*USAID has contributed a total of six grants in-kind – the first in the amount of US$82,670; the second 
in the amount of US$7,985 of which US$2,700 is a part; the third in the amount of US$24,162.50 of which 
US$16,110.04 is a part; the fourth in the amount of US$99,661; the fifth in the amount of US$55,381.50 of
which US$12,995 is a part and the sixth in the amount of US$99,560, of which US$69,459 is a part.
B. Funds Committed
Donor  Amount (USD)   Status Notes
USIP-4 20,000.00   Definite Earmarked
UNDP-TA 22.00   Definite Earmarked
Japan 3 210,000.00   Definite Earmarked
TOTAL 210,022.00      
C. Submissions Made
Donor  Amount (USD)   Status Notes
TOTAL 0.00