In 2004 Juliana learnt about the work of the CAVR from her home in Jakarta. In 1978 she was a five year old girl living with her family in the central mountains of Hatubuilico. One day she was taken from her family by an Indonesian soldier, flown by helicopter to Dili and then taken to Jakarta. She was moved to three families before she was settled. Twenty-seven years later, she knew only that she was from Timor-Leste, that she was from the district of Ainaro and that her mother's name was Maria and her father's Jose.

Juliana contacted the CAVR. The CAVR weekly radio programme, Dalan ba Dame, telephone interviewed Juliana in Jakarta and broadcast this interview across the country. Her family was listening to the programme and realised that this was their little girl lost twenty-seven years ago. They travelled to Dili to tell the CAVR they were her family.

On 15 July, the CAVR flew Juliana to Timor-Leste. She addressed a workshop assisting the CAVR develop recommendations on the rights of children and the next day was taken into the mountains to meet her family.